Vitamin B12 Chewables 1000MG - 100 count


Vitamin B12 Overview

Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin to human bodies, specifically for nerve and blood cell health. Although we depend on B12 for our health and development, it’s a component we can’t produce ourselves. niKETO B12 is a quick-dissolving, easily digested sublingual supplement that helps keep your Vitamin B12 levels where they need to be. B12 supplementation is positively associated with:

  • Clear, healthy skin

  • Elevated moods and sharper focus

  • Improved sleep and increased feeling of “calm”

  • Increased energy, improved athletic performance


B12 on a Low-Carb Diet

Vitamin B12 is an absolutely essential vitamin that your body depends on for survival. Your basic functions, such as DNA and blood cell creation and nervous system functioning, depend on sufficient levels of this vitamin in your body.  Individuals on a restrictive diet, such as the ketogenic diet that eliminates most dietary carbohydrates, may not be able to absorb B12 properly because of the change in body chemistry. We designed this quick-dissolving tablet with a formula that is easy to absorb so your body gets the right amount of B12 every day.

Energize Chewables

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